I Have Excellent Credit (700 FICO), Why Didn't I Receive Offers?

While the free online credit monitoring programs can give you an idea of your credit score, in most cases they do not give you the full picture. In order to do so they would have to do a Hard Pull on your credit, which is not something you as a Customer would want.

Many of those factors can include Debt to Income Ratio, employment history, moving apartments or houses, mortgage amounts etc.

If you did not receive offers you will receive an Adverse Action Notice via email from the Lenders you were denied from via email.

An Adverse Action Notice will detail your true credit score and the reason you receive a status of 'No Offers.' If you did not receive one for some reason please check your spam folder, or you can contact the lenders directly.

You can receive the names and contact info of the Lenders by reaching out to a PayPossible Customer Service Representative at [email protected]

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