How Much Does it Cost My Business to Use PayPossible?

PayPossible is and always will be FREE for businesses to sign-up for and use!

We understand the challenges that small to medium-sized business owners face on a daily basis and the last thing we want is to be another monthly expense to your business!

There are NO setup costs, integration fees or recurring monthly fees for a business to sign-up and utilize the platform. Whether you utilize the platform once a year or a hundred times a day - you will NEVER be charged a monthly fee!

Instead, we built PayPossible to be a truly performance-based platform. The only time your business pays a fee to PayPossible is when your customer successfully obtains financing and completes the purchase with your business - simply put the only time we get paid is when YOU get paid!

Merchants pay a flat percentage fee of the purchase price, similar to a credit card processing fee.

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