There are two ways you can apply for a loan through PayPossible.

Text message - To apply with a text message you first need to obtain the PayPossible ID of the business you are looking to make the purchase from - this will be supplied to you by the business. If you’re unable to obtain a PayPossible ID just text “Get Payd”

  1. Text the PayPossible ID to (855) 997-2931
  2. Tell us what you’re looking to purchase and how much it will cost.
  3. You’ll be sent a secure link to apply 
  4. If qualified you’ll instantly receive offers from PayPossible’s Lender Network
  5. Select the loan offer that work best for you
  6. Once selected, you’ll be redirected to the selected lender’s website to complete the loan application process.

Web application - Apply through the website of the business 

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